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Otachi (x) & Leatherback (x)

Anonymous asked: i like your Pacific Rim Gif edits in poster style but you made 2 mistakes. Use the 2 MB Gif limit. It was given to us to edit in HD. Use HD video material and not some shitty sockshare or putlocker online stream material. It shows in the small Gif parts that you use lowest quality video and that looks not good. You can edit and the posters would look amazing with the higher quality video material and the 2 MB limit. The current edits are not eyecandy enough to put them on my quality blog.

These are my own edits I reposted as a set. They were made as there still was the 1MB limit.
And I’m sorry, I used HD and official material, but for whatever reason tumblr ruined my edit even further, because I cannot afford Photoshop and I refuse to use a stolen version. So I use other stuff that is for free.

How about you make your own edits instead for your high quality blog? I’m happy to not find mine on yours, because I don’t appreciate that tone of yours.

What a prick

she’s my copilot


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survivors & fallen heroes

Raleigh Becket | blue & red light

remember the epic PacRim video I made and no one watched it?

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